Biocultural anthropologist

Hello! I am an anthropologist specializing in human biodiversity and its medical applications. Interested?

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I am currently undertaking a master's degree in biological anthropology at the University of Barcelona while working as a freelance scientist.

I hold an undergraduate degree in anthropology and human evolution awarded by the Rovira i Virgili University and, as previously stated, I am specializing in human biocultural diversity and its biomedical applications, hoping to start my phd studies as soon as 2020.

On top of being open for business I am more than willing to collaborate with fellow scientists undertaking joint research. In any case, please feel free to contact me.

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Data Entry and Analysis

Data scrapping, wrangling and analysis mostly using R.

Data Visualization and Presentations

Turning data into visualizations for your scientific papers and presentations.

Research Assistance

Keeping up with the scientific literature and aiding with other tasks.


Writting joint papers, chapters and undertaking other collaborations.

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