Biocultural anthropologist

I am an anthropologist specialized in psychological anthropology, ethnopsychiatry, social approaches to mental health, and human bio-cultural diversity and its applications in medicine.

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Research in progress

I am a predoctoral researcher at the Medical Anthropology Research Center (MARC) of the University Rovira i Virgili, working at the interface between social and human sciences, and health science. My current project, funded by the Spanish Government until October 2026, is an action-research one focused on the implementation of alternatives to coercion in mental health settings such as the collaborative management of medication between users and professionals, peer-supported open dialogue, and the creation of respite houses, to name a few. My experience includes working as a research assistant at Stanford Law School, the James E. Rogers College of Law of the University of Arizona, and the Institute de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement, The Graduate Institute Geneva, focusing on social networks analysis and the impact of cognitive and other biases in the decision making process in investor-state and state-state disputes in international arbitration courts. More recently I researched the potential genetic basis of the schizophrenia construct, as well as the effects of the neuritine gene (NRN1) in cortical thickness at FIDMAG Research Foundation, Complejo Asistencial Benito Menni de Hermanas Hospitalarias. I hold an undergraduate degree in anthropology and human evolution, a master of science in biological anthropology and at the moment I am in my sophomore year of a psychology BSc. Further information available in my resume.

I am more than willing to collaborate with fellow scholars, practitioners and citizen scientists undertaking joint research, if interested please feel free to contact me.

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Data Entry and Analysis

Data scrapping, wrangling and analysis mostly using R.

Data Visualization and Presentations

Turning data into visualizations for your scientific papers and presentations.

Research Assistance

Keeping up with the scientific literature and aiding with other tasks.


Writting joint papers, chapters and undertaking other collaborations.

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Open-notebook science is the practice of making the entire primary record of a research project publicly available online as it is recorded. This involves placing the personal, or laboratory, notebook of the researcher online along with all raw and processed data, and any associated material, as this material is generated. The approach may be summed up by the slogan 'no insider information'. It is the logical extreme of transparent approaches to research and explicitly includes the making available of failed, less significant, and otherwise unpublished experiments; so called 'dark data'.

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